Vitiligo and Psoriasis

It is shown successful cure in vitiligo 86%, and psoriasis 78% by using human placenta's derivation.
Vitiligo and psoriasis curing treatment includes conversation about illness and analysis,specialized medical examination and three sessions of treatment,at the ambulance.Our medical specialists suggest that any kind of skin treatment shold be stopped 45 days before arrival in Cuba.


Vitiligo is an illness developed by pigmentation loss, causing the appearaance of white marks in skin. It is so-called autoimmune illness, organism which produces and creating anibodies against own cells, melanocytes in this specific case. Any part of the body can be affected, more often lips, mouth, hands, legs, genital regions, mostly in symmetrical distribution.
Melagenina Plus was created and produced by the principal of Placental Histotherapy centre in Cuba, medical specialist Carlos Miyares Cao,which has been very successful in vitiligo treatment.this medicament is derived from preserved human placenta.


Psoriasis is chronical recidival non-infected autoimmune skin disease. It develops our body immune syste, which normally fight against harmful microorganism, suc as bacteria and viruses, attacts healthy cell tissue. It causes a forming of thin sour skin layers covered by scales, on the places where former skin hasn't removed fast enough.
Coriodermin medicament derived from human placenta is used in psoriasis treatment.