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    Medical treatment in Cuba
    Why Cuban Medicine?
    Performance by Cuban doctors, scientific achievements, the effectiveness of applied therapy and medication define Cuba
    as one of the countries where prevention and health in the first place.
  • The first and only consulting agency in the region,
    which is approved by Ministry of Health of Cuba
    signed an agreement with the Association of Cuban doctors.
    We guarantee you maximum discretion, deducation, professionalism,
    business efficiency, responsibility above all, your health is an issue.
    Let the expertise of the medical staff, high quality results and efficiency
    of drug therapy are the reasons why you choose Cuba for treatment and recovery.

Consulta al futuro

Consultancy advice regarding the state of health of the patient as well as providing full service hospital treatment in Cuba.

The official and sole representative

Of only consulting agency in the region, which is approved by Ministry of Health of Cuba, signed an agreement with the Association of Cuban doctors.

Consultations with doctors

In the shortest possible time you can get the advice of a specialist with Cuba, as well as our full help and support in making decisions about the organization of treatment.

The selection of clinics and doctors

That you let a professional team of doctors from Cuba offer the optimal solution to overcome your health problems.

Professional translation of documents

Accuracy of the translation of medical documents ensures professional team led by professor of English and Spanish language, which is an important factor in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

All in one place

The answers to all your questions on the treatment program, pricing, therapies and medicines etc. get with us, which gives you the opportunity to consider all possible alternatives.

Strict discretion

We appreciate your trust and we guarantee you maximum medical confidentiality and discretion.

Zašto kubanska medicina?

Cuban drugs that treat "incurable diseases"

As a result of research and experiments of doctors from Cuba were created treatments and medications proven effectiveness, many of which are the only ones in the world, such as Heberprot P75, Heberprot P Vidatox, Melagenina Plus, CIMAvax - EGF, Vaxira, etc. CIMAher.

Hospitals and medical centers

Very successful and world-renowned medical centers in Cuba have teams of professionals who offer patients the highest quality of health care and protection which represents a combination of the latest technology and highly qualified medical personnel, with the aim of providing the highest quality care in these specialties.

Cuba's average life expectancy is 78 years

Cuba has over 11 million inhabitants. 13 per 1000 inhabitants is born and only 7 dies. In Cuba, 150 people used the services of a physician. These are excellent indicators of their medical and health system that put them into the world top countries that are dedicated to the care and prevention of the health status of the entire population.


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Medical treatment in Cuba

Few of the exclusive treatments offered by Cuban medicine are:


Among numerous achievements within oftalmology,dermathology,diabetes,Cuba can boast of enormous achievements within oncology.
Cuba is one of the leading countries in cure lung cancer,prostate,brain cancer,breast cancer.One of the latest achievements made by Cuban medicine,certainly is lung cancer vaccine producing. Cuba has been developing labs for producing vaccine and building suitable clinics for treatment,therefore enquiry out all over the world is enormous,and producing capacities limited.


Vitiligo i Psoriasis

Vitiligo is an illness developed by pigmentation loss, causing the appearaance of white marks in skin. It is so-called autoimmune illness, organism which produces and creating anibodies against own cells, melanocytes in this specific case. Any part of the body can be affected, more often lips, mouth, hands, legs, genital regions, mostly in symmetrical distribution.

Psoriasis is chronical recidival non-infected autoimmune skin disease. It develops our body immune syste, which normally fight against harmful microorganism, suc as bacteria and viruses, attacts healthy cell tissue. It causes a forming of thin sour skin layers covered by scales, on the places where former skin hasn't removed fast enough.

Vitiligo i Psoriasis

Diabetic foot

Diabetes (hyperglycaaemia) is chronically methabolic system disorder which can not be cured, characterized by hyperglycemia, permanent increased level of glucosis in blood. It is caused mostly by genome factors, developed by lac or lover liquid secrete, or decreased biological act of insuline hormone, in subordination of those two parts.
It can cause multiple complications unless you cure: hyperglycemia, ketonuria, ketoacidosis, blood-stream diseases, heart disease, changes on skin, nervous system disorder, diabetic foot, etc.


Retinitis pigmentosa (RP)

Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) is name for a cup of genome diseases retina is affected. They are characterized by 'step by step' photoreceptors demolishing and degeneration, resulted in progressive vision of sight loss. Retinitis pigmentosa has been developed in Cuba and representsone of the most successful treatmentsin prevention of this illness rapid advance.It is a combined ozone treatment Cuban surgical techniques, electric stimulation, vitamine therapy and olygoelemental therapy.
The success reflected in 78% of our patients illness quit advancing,16% glances eye-sight,only 6% didn't have sufficient results,over 10000 patients examined.

Retinitis pigmentosa (RP)

Neurological rehabilitation

Treatments has been performed at International neurological restauration centre, which has developed neurorestorative, multifacroral, intense personalized system. Treatmets are submitted in Parkinson's disease, head injury fractures, traumatic spinal cord lesion, Alzheimer, tumors, paralysis, nervous system disorder.

Neurological rehabilitation


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