Diabetes (hyperglycaaemia)

According to the World Ministry of health department, every 30 seconds operates foot amputation, coused by affected foot gangrene as a consequence of diabetes.

Diabetes (hyperglycaaemia) is chronically methabolic system disorder which can not be cured, characterized by hyperglycemia, permanent increased level of glucosis in blood. It is caused mostly by genome factors, developed by lac or lover liquid secrete, or decreased biological act of insuline hormone, in subordination of those two parts.
It can cause multiple complications unless you cure: hyperglycemia, ketonuria, ketoacidosis, blood-stream diseases, heart disease, changes on skin, nervous system disorder, diabetic foot, etc.
One of the most complicated certainly is Diabetic foot. Diabetic foot is a cup of bone and soft tissue damages caused by diabetes. Even the quarter of patients has this kind of complication.
Cuba ha sthe leading position in the world in treatment diabetes, especially diabetic foot. Cuba has been the only country produced a medicament gaining amazing results. Heberprot-P is medicament consists humanic growth factor Treated directly on wounded place. Treatment of this cure rapids the healing process,tissue rebuilt, lowers procentage of foot amputation.

Before and after treatments