About us

Consulta al futuro

Consulta al futuro is the one and only company gained an official approval from the Ministry of Health Cuba within the former Yugoslavia border, to make an arrangement with Cuban medical specialists Association. Our patient is given a possibility to make an official contact with Cuban medical specialists including their expertise opinion and help. All required working papers were granted and legalized at the Cuban embassy in Belgrade, having confirmed their support for the future work.

Long-lasted acquaintance with the leading Cuban medical specialists,resulted in opening Consulta al futuro. Consulta al futuro is the one and only officially founded firm of this kind, not only in Serbia, but also within Ex-Yugoslavia border. In wide region, this specific kind of firm persists only in Italy, Germany, Turkey, and from now on in Serbia. This fact tells by itself how much affort, work, time, was required for gaining all working licences and agreements, providing correct start both in Serbia and Cuba. All required documents, working certificates, licences gained in Cuban embassy, requires complete check over from court inpreteter, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of foreign affairs.
Only after that we signed a contract with Cuban medical specialists organization, on regular bases we are the only firm within this region authorized for official communication in purpose of getting patient's health-condition consultant advice and getting complete medical healthcare service in Cuba.

All the people who are about to call Cuban embassy will get our contact as a recommendation from now on, provide for any kind of medical help and service needed in Cuba, which hasn't been the case so far.

Professional translation of documents

Accuracy of the translation of medical documents ensures professional team led by professor of English and Spanish language, which is an important factor in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Consultations with doctors

In the shortest possible time you can get the advice of a specialist with Cuba, as well as our full help and support in making decisions about the organization of treatment.

The selection of clinics and doctors

That you let a professional team of doctors from Cuba offer the optimal solution to overcome your health problems.

Primal aim is to help people whose health is jeopardized,what can be both cured and overcome thanks to Cuban scientific acheievments within specific area.Secondarily,all the people who would like to hear an expertise opinion(consultant medical specialist from Cuba)will be enabled to contact us.Successful areas followed by great avhievements in the World performed by Cuban medicine are: oncology (brain cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, pancreas) dermathology(vitiligo, psoriasis, alopecia) diabetes (complete foot gangrene cure) ophthalmology, Parkinson's disease. the one and only reason why those scientific achievements hasn't been massively produced and used in the world, is economical blocade presented in Cuba, therefore Consulta al futuro role model opening firm was long-lasting process.

Motive for opening this kind of firm, both from Cuban and our side, come into humanic reasons, provide for an acess, possibility to cure an illness by methods, therapies, treatments done only in Cuba, by Cuban medicine, as far as getting all necessary information, advice, suggestion from Cuban medical specialists without going to Cuba.

Your successful treatment in Cuba and full support by the Consulta al futuro

In order for your treatment and rehabilitation passed successfully, you need to become familiar with the following procedure work:

1 After communication with the patient, we need to submit your email address at which he will be sent to:
1. The form serves to Cuba opened the medical records of patients
2. List of documents at the request of Cuban doctors so that they can put forward a proposal of treatment.

Arrival of patients with the necessary medical documentation to our office or send to our email address office@consulta.rs.

3 Professional and qualified person to communicate with doctors in Cuba will translate all the documents to the Serbian language and sent to the headquarters of the Association of Cuban doctors. This is the official institution in Cuba that is the only responsible and authorized to communicate with persons who are not citizens of Cuba.

4 Medical team review the entire documentation (if required additional documents and must be submitted) and medical consulting team delivers its opinion and the proposal to treat the patient. The deadline for responding to the patient depends on the complexity of the situation in which the patient and the severity of the disease and not more than 7 days.

5 The decision of whether to carry out his treatment in Cuba or with the consent of doctors from Cuba to continue treatment in their own country.

Payment of consultation and referral answers.

7 If necessary inpatient treatment in Cuba and that we can organize. Our organization includes a complete care and care of the patient, which starts from the moment of departure from Serbia (or any other country), assistance with purchase cards at the airport in Havana, transport and accommodation, arranging transportation from the hotel to the hospital, hospital treatment and care and also back to the arrival at the airport in Belgrade.

8 Review of the patient by the Association of Cuban doctors allows the patient to permanently enter into the electronic database of patients from around the world. All data is stored on the personal request of the patient it can be delivered. Because patient data updating obligation to answer us of any changes relevant to health.

We have been working according to official Cuban medical specialists association's price list, in which authenticity patient can be assured of in our premises. Practically, patient pays the price of examination, as he was examined by medical specialist in Cuba. Savings and discounts provided from our side are:

  •  Medical specialists' diagnosis without going to Cuba;
  •  Patient dosen't pay an extra expenses of transportation, accommodation, stay,
  •  Overcome easily language barrier the knowledge of Spanish language is not required, only in case if patient decides to go in Cuba.
Patient can pay a proposal from Cuba for paying a treatment either to our account,or Cuban medical association account.It is patient's personal choice,because price is the same here and in Cuba.
Our obligation is patient's pleasure and care,yours is to follow and obey doctor's advice.